Branded servers

We collaborate with suppliers of high-end hardware and technologies. All servers are built of branded components from prestigious brands such as Dell, HP and Intel.

24/7 support

Our technical support is available nonstop. Westmaster personnel is qualified and willing to help you as soon as possible from failure notification or detection.

High Availability

Thanks to redundant technologies and secured data centres we can guarantee high availability. By choosing Westmaster you simply purchase extremely available services.

About company

Our company offer server hosting and internet services for more than 15 years. We focus especially on dedicated servers, VPS and cloud hosting. It is our commitment to help you with choosing perfect solution for your business.

Westmaster team of technical support is here to help you anytime you need, 24 hours a day. Our geographically separate datacentres are designed to satisfy your needs. We use high-end hardware and technologies only – CISCO, Dell, Rittal etc. Servers themselves are also built of proven branded components.

High availability is secured by connection to more backbone networks. As a strong hosting company we gained our own autonomous system that allows to backup and decompose internet connection. Connectivity is ensured by several optical fibres.