Dedicated servers

High-performance physical server dedicated for your needs only.

Dedicated server is perfect solution for those who require non-shared server with consistent performance and demand security and stability. These servers are designed to run large projects such as web applications, databases, e-mails and so on. Since we at Westmaster take care of hardware and provide complete administration, you can fully focus on your successful business.


Dedicated Dell D

  • Dell R530 Server, 1x Intel E5-2623v3 (4 cores, 8 threads), 64 GB RAM, 2x 1 TB SATA Hot Swap
  • 1 Gbps line, data transfer limited to 1 TB, 1x IPv4 address, Permanent built-in KVM iDRAC including remote media
  • 197 € / month

Dedicated Dell F

  • Dell R530 Server, 2x Intel E5-2620v3 (6 cores, 12 threads), 96 GB RAM, 2x 300 GB SSD Hot Swap
  • 1 Gbps line, data transfer limited to 1 TB, 1x IPv4 address, Permanent built-in KVM iDRAC including remote media
  • 241 € / month

Dedicated Dell X1

  • Dell R630 Server, 2x Intel E5-2650v3 (10 cores, 20 threads), 192 GB RAM, 2x 160 GB SSD + 2x 1 TB SATA Hot Swap
  • 1 Gbps line, data transfer limited to 1 TB, 1x IPv4 address, Permanent built-in KVM iDRAC including remote media
  • 254 € / month

Additional services


As an additional part to hosting services, we offer administrative services by our professional administrators. These can be used either at once at customer’s request, or as a lump sum. In that case, 5 hours of administration per month are included in the service.


Data backups are stored on the disk space of separate servers. Nevertheless, magnetic media can also be used for backup, if you preferred them. The data transfer is encrypted by the use of the SSH or FTP protocol. Method, frequency and data quantity can be chosen to fit the customer’s needs. Data can be backed up via ISPManager, on the level of a file-system or from the main VPS system.

Operating systems

All leased equipment is delivered with preinstalled operating system. But choice of operating system is completely up to you. We offer the up to date version of Windows and various Linux distributions.

Service availability monitoring

Monitoring and reporting services for dedicated servers are available as well. We check them from the point of availability, processor workload, computing output, disk usage, RAID field consistence, temperature and others. The monitoring is carried out by Nagios system. Thanks to that we have the possibility to set up e-mail or SMS in the case of chosen activities on customer’s server.


Will I have Root Control (Super User Access)?

Yes, you will have a complete "root" access on your server and you can add as many domains as you like. You are welcomed to install any software you like on your server without restrictions and you can resell services at any rate. We can help you with additional software installation.

Will Westmaster move my domain to my new server for me?

Yes. We can help you move to your new server, but remember that it's a difficult process and your assistance will be required.

Is there a guarantee on hardware components?

Yes. In the event of a hardware-related problem, we will immediately replace any defective component at no cost to you. Replacements are usually made within 4 hours. You will be notified by an e-mail once the problem is resolved.

What is your policy on bandwidth and how do you measure it?

It depends on a data plan. If you are paying per data, your bandwidth is fully burstable. If you choose a dedicated line, your traffic will be shaped by our Cisco router.Bandwidth usage is measured from samples taken at the Cisco switch. You will have an access to the area of our site that will give you the total bandwidth used by your server to date as measured at the switch. We charge you for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

What software is included with Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, Sun) servers?

Unix servers will come with a standard install of RedHat Linux or FreeBSD that includes the latest versions of Apache, Sendmail, Bind and Perl. You will have root control with full Telnet, SSH and FTP access. You are welcomed to install any additional software on your server.

Every RedHat, Mandrake and Slackware Linux dedicated server comes with our control panel with Webmin, WebMail and WebFTP for all your users!

What software is included with Windows 2000 servers?

Windows 2000 servers will come with a standard installation of Windows 2000 which includes IIS5.0 and Service Pack 1. You will have administration access to the server through Terminal Services or VNC. As with all of our server offerings, you will have an administrator access and you are welcomed to install any additional software you like on your server (database, e-commerce, etc).